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JC Almanza

Wrong To Strong was founded by JC Almanza, a Chicago projects born personal trainer who has spent his life rebuilding himself. He has gone from tragedy to victory. JC is the product of decades of strife, starting in a broken home. From there, he entered the life of Latino gangs and succumbed to their influence, resulting in a combined seventeen years of multiple stents inside federal, state, and international prison systems. While inside, JC studied and developed a method of prison exercise and weight training with the core principle that through fitness, mentoring, and community people’s lives can change.

 JC brought his hopes and ambitions from behind bars, secured his personal training certificate, and created Wrong To Strong. He began training gym members, using his no holds barred HIIT style workout, at Tangible Fitness, in Phoenix. JC began mentoring and gathering people from many walks of life, focusing on those with felonies, recently released convicts, veterans returning from combat, those struggling with substance abuse and addiction, and all experiencing reintegration issues. He developed the brand, Wrong To Strong Lifestyle, that embraces the chains and constraints of time served, and shows people that there truly is hope of breaking the cycle and making a complete recovery. JC and Wrong To Strong have continued to grow by the day, with over twenty members in his crew, a corporate office and soon the completion of his 501c3 Wrong To Strong Fitness, Inc. Its primary focus will be assisting individuals with reintegration related complications through fitness and mentorship. With every step he takes, JC is closer realizing his vision: on a large scale, assisting those in their darkest times, positively impacting his community by showing it is possible to go from Wrong To Strong.